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Why Live in Evanston?

I love Evanston

I attended Northwestern University and graduated in 1980. After spending four years living in Evanston, it became clear that I wanted to settle in this wonderful city.

The university, the lake, the proximity to Chicago are some of the reasons that people come to live in Evanston . What has kept me here all these years is the incredible sense of community, the diversity, and it is a great place to raise a family. Our schools are well regarded nation wide and Evanston Township High School is one of the best high schools in the state.

In 1981 I met my wife, Karen, who is from Evanston; we raised a daughter, Kate, who is 23 and lives in Boston. Growing up Kate had access to many of Evanstons programs sponsored by the Park District; Evanston schools from Elementary to High School prepared her beautifully for college.

Evanston is an incredibly vibrant city- and was recently named the fifth best city to live in. The restaurants, the university, the lake, the beaches, the schools- and the people make living in Evanston the best place to live.

Nothing shows off our wonderful city than our Fourth of July parade. It shows that being progressive and having that Midwestern down home feeling do not need to be mutually exclusive.

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  • Evanston has a beautiful natural setting on Lake Michigan and features expansive parks.
  • Historic architecture and the world-renowned Northwestern University campus.
  • The demographic of its 75,000 residents includes an eclectic mix of students, young professionals, families and seniors.
  • With bustling business districts, arts and culture, and easy access to Chicago.
  • Evanston offers the conveniences of city living in a suburban environment.

Around Evanston


Evanston is on the Lake Front and with wonderful beaches that are a popular attraction.


Evanston has major transit providers operate within its borders such as; Metra, CTA, and Pace.


Evanston is a Safe Place, The Police Department’s efforts to create a new style of policing, programs and services have been designed to reach out, connect, and work with the community

Evanston Interests

Arts & Culture Arts & Culture

Evanston boasts one of the largest and most diverse arts communities in the state. Not only are the arts celebrated often, there are abundant opportunities to get involved in the arts here in Evanston.

Evanston Culture

Please see more information on City of Evanston Website

Shopping and Dinning

Evanston has a abundance of restaurants and stores, Evanston is a great place for shopping, and eating out. Evanston offers a unique blend of one-of-kind shops & boutiques and national retailers.

Discover Evanston Shopping

Shopping and Dinning

Please see more information on City of Evanston Website

Festivals & Concerts

Evanston has festivals and concerts, the summer season in Evanston are full of activities.

Discover Evanston Concerts


Please see more information on City of Evanston Website

Lakefront & Beaches

Evanstons lakefront and beaches are a popular attraction. Evanston has three beaches which are accessible to people with disabilities: Greenwood Street, Lee Street and Lighthouse. New Lakefront Fitness Classes were held June 16-August 15.

Evanston Beaches

Please see more information on City of Evanston Website